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Hippie Heaven

8 Jan

Hippie Heaven

Floral Cross Dip Dye Tank – $ 15.50 at Agaci

This is an awesome tank as we transition into spring wear. You could wear with jeans (blue or black or mustard would be my choice) and some boots for a laid back look or throw on some pumps for an easy look on the weekends.



My NYE Look

4 Jan

My NYE Look

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s! We went for a classy evening compared to last years overpacked bar-can’t-get-a-drink-or-move-or-dance NYE and it was amazing. Live music, open bar and too much food for comfort.

This was my look for NYE. I went for a fluffy dress because I knew I would be devouring food from cocktail hour until breakfast was served at 2AM. I added to the look with some curls, red lips, and pretty pumps.

Get the dress for $34.99! Click on photo to purchase.

New Year’s Needs

28 Dec


1. New Year’s Nifty Nails:  Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.  That is the absolute must for your pretty little fingers.  Whether it’s one statement nail, or all of your fingers, be sure to add some glitter.  I happen to love the above nail style.  Simply pick your base color, with a matching glitter tone for the tip.  Click on the photo for more information!


2. The Perfect Dress: A number of people wait until the last minute for the perfect NYE dress.  It’s a little late to online order but there is still hope.  Visit the trendy. not so pricey stores and you can definitely find something fab.  (Forever21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Express, etc.)  NYE is a time to reinvent your look.. you can wear something louder and crazier than usual.  Take advantage!  Get that sequin, leather of feather dress.  Just remember, it’s not about WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it.


3. Snazzy Shoes: As most of you Princess’s will be wearing dresses, I think booties or pumps are your best bet.  Just remember, not everyone can pull off the open-toe look with tights.  So if you are planning on wearing tights, make sure you get a chunky bootie!  If your dress is simple, maybe add a fringe bootie or studded pump for some spunk!


4.  Happy Hair:  You can’t go wrong with a fresh blow out.  But, if you are looking to save some money, stick with a curling iron or even a bun.  Depending on the neckline of your dress, a bun could be perfect and classic.  Get an awesome large earring if you decide on a bun!  Click on the photo above for a sock bun tutorial.  H&M and beauty supply stores also sell bun pieces!  If you prefer to wear your hair down, get a small curling iron or wand and jazz up your hair.  I happen to love this look and will be doing it myself!


5. JEWELS: The one thing I love most.  As a jewelry merchandiser, I obsess over funky, interesting pieces.  As I said above, if you are sticking with a bun, make sure you get some big earrings!  If you like big earrings, stick with a lot of armswag.  But, if you prefer a large statement necklace, throw on some studs.  Don’t overdo it.  Keep it funky and neat!  Click on the photo above for a link to my Chloe & Isabel page.  You will most likely not receive the merchandise in time, but get some inspiration!




Christmas Day Dining

27 Dec

Christmas Day Dining

After this week, I’d be okay with not looking at food ever again. (That’s a huge lie.)

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. But, for the first year in my older age, I am finally starting to become more excited about giving gifts, than receiving gifts. I was so pumped to give my family and boyfriend their presents this year!

I received so many wonderful gifts and had such a great time with my family. My younger sister started the day off by serving cinnabon pancakes, egg muffins and mimosas.. which was followed by opening gifts!

Above is my look for Christmas dinner. Very casual, with my brand new flats and watch.

Striped Sweater – Princess Vera/Kohl’s
Spiked Flats – Unionbay/Marshall’s
Beaded Bracelet – Chloe & Isabel
Skull Camo Watch – Betsey Johnson/Macy’s


Brooklyn Dining

12 Dec

Brooklyn Dining

My sister invited me to check out some wedding venues and our hearts skipped a beat at Giando’s on the Water in Brooklyn. She set the date and we dined in style.  Fantastic views, even more fantastic Gnocchi.  I’m Italian, surprise!  You can’t go taste test without the obvious…. stretchy pants.  So here is my look for the day:

I went for a casual look, being it was a Sunday, and I had way too many cocktails the evening before. The blouse has an awesome loose fit with a pair of my favorite, and more importantly, STRETCHY skinny jeans.

Scarf – Nordstrom
Blouse – JCP
Jeans – Forever 21


Lady In Red Needs Her Bed

24 Nov

Lady In Red Needs Her Bed

I’ve finally come to realize I am getting old and can’t keep up with all of these holiday shananigans!  Sober me lasts shorter, and the hangovers last longer.  The past few days have been non-stop eating, boozing, dressing, eating again, drinking again, repeat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but I can’t wait until you all go back to where you came from so I don’t have to feel so guilty about skipping a night out on the town to just eat pizza rolls in bed while watching Modern Family.

This was my little number I chose for Friday night. We attended a housewarming get together for one of my cute little girlfriends from highschool. It is always so nice to see everyone. And a few glasses of wine later, I found myself dancing to Ke$ha at the bar.

It must have been the red leather jacket. Which was purchased in 2010 at a flea market in Paris. Worn with a neutral tank with sequined lining and some black skinnies.

Tank: Mudd – Kohl’s

Jeans : Refuge


Thanksgiving Musts

23 Nov

Thanksgiving Musts

Oh Thanksgiving. A time to be thankful for all of life’s gifts and gorge your face. I am most thankful for jeggings, the best kind of stretchy pants. This was my look for thanksgiving dinner. Super stretchy pants to expand with my everlasting tummy along with a loose fitted sweater.

Sweater: Princess Vera – Kohl’s

Jeggings: Olsenboyle – JcPenney

Booties : Mudd – Kohl’s